Which position do I assign the module to?

We recommend to set it to the "debug" (or similar) position. If your template does not have a "debug" position, then you can set it to any other position.

How do I add a custom slider?

Simple. We have added 5 custom slots via the backend for you to do this. All you need to do is upload the icon you want to use to the same directory as all the other icons:


Then when entering the icon name in the parameter field, type in the name of the image + the format, for example:


Choosing between jQuery or CSS3?

Both have their pros and cons. Using jQuery will ensure compatibility with older browsers that don't support CSS3, such as IE8 and below, however, the page load speed will be slightly slower as it requires a library. Using CSS3 doesn't require a library and therefore the speeds will be slightly faster, however on older browsers, the tabs will not slide out as they don't support CSS3 transitions.

Note as of version 1.5.5 we do not support jQuery in the social slider. If you wish to get a IE8 and 9 compatible version you can download the last jQuery supported version (v1.5.4 by clicking here). Note that this version is considered out of date and is NOT supported in any way shape or form by JoomJunk.

Can I change the order of the slides?

Yes. Since v1.4.0 we added in the ability to change the order that the slides appear in. This can be achieved in the module parameters under "Other Settings".

How can I make the tabs slide out on mobile and tablet devices?

Unfortunately you can't really hover on a mobile or tablet device, so currently you are only able to click the tabs to open the social network page.

How do I translate the text on the custom slides

This feature is new to version 1.5.3 of the Social Slider, so be sure you have this version first.

Firstly, open the Social Slider in the Module Manager and you will see a parameter called "Text" for each custom slider. In here, input the following:


Once done, save you changes, then on the top menu, go to Extensions >> Language Manager >> Overrides. In here go to add a new override and in the first input field that says Language Constant, add the string we created before >> JJSOCIALSLIDER_CUSTOM_TEXT_1. In the second input field called Text, add in the text you want to be displayed on the site. For each language, create a new override and make sure the Language Constant is always the same.


Translations for this module are always gratefully received - you can submit these to our email or via the forum. We will always give appropriate credit to submitted translations.